Prepare In Advance for Climate Debates at the Thanksgiving Table

You have that relative.  The one who has an addiction to Fox News on the TV,  Rush Limbaugh on the radio, and Glenn Beck on…I guess now the internet.  This relative is convinced of the absolute correctness of whatever comes out of the mouths of any of these three sources.   They are so convinced in fact, that they can’t wait to try their “knowledge” out on you.  So with that said, if you want to have a little fun at Thanksgiving this year, might I recommend that you turn the table so to speak?

Once you’re ready, after the second helping of pumpkin pie is consumed and folks are vegging in front of some football game, drop a little feeler.  It shouldn’t be too hard with the GOP primary in full swing; perhaps you could mention that the only “sane” candidate is Jon Huntsman (for many of my climate denying friends, that alone will be enough to get the debate going); or you could launch right in to a critique of the willful scientific ignorance of one of several candidates (Perry, Bachmann, or Cain will be fine).  Lastly, you could just get straight to the point with a conversation about the extremeness of recent weather, the increasing warmth of the Earth’s surface (a particularly interesting  – if not scientifically validated – resource to use since it was funded by the Koch brothers), the melting of ice, etc.

But don’t wade lightly in to the debate.  Of course arm yourself with the appropriate, scientifically backed responses well in advance.

So here I’ll point you to some excellent resources:

“Arguing with Your Crazy Uncle About Climate Change” by David Brin.

“Simple rebuttals to denier talking points — with links to the full climate science” by Joe Romm

And of course, you can familiarize yourself with as much detail as you can stand at and have a look at the <arguments> link.

Now enjoy the roast this Thanksgiving!


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