Computer Animators Get it Right with Saber-Toothed Squirrel

This week’s cool science story involved the discovery of a saber-toothed squirrel that lived around 100 Million years ago.  So unlike the animated critter from the Ice Age franchise who hobnobbed with other large mammals, the actual squirrel/shrew like cronopio dentiacutus scurried around under the legs of dinosaurs.

According to the AP:

“During the age of the dinosaurs, no mammal was bigger than a mouse, and they could do what they wanted, but under ground or at night — out of sight of the dinosaurs,” said [Sebastian Apesteguia, one of the study’s author and] a researcher at Maimonides University in Buenos Aires.

“Such discoveries of remarkably complete Mesozoic fossils always represent giant steps” in mammalian paleontology, [the scientists] added in a commentary in Nature. “In fact, one reasonably preserved Mesozoic mammalian skull in a critical stratigraphic and geographic position can be more relevant to our understanding of mammalian evolution and biogeography than hundreds of isolated teeth — even if teeth are the most common (and sometimes the only) remains” paleontologists work with


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